Vital Statistics

  • Star rating: 4 star (Britannia Class) & 5 star (Grill Class)
  • Passenger Capacity: 2058
  • Maiden Voyage: Oct-10
  • Tonnage: 90,400 tonnes
  • Max Speed: 21.7 kts knots
  • ship.jpg Length: 964.5ft
  • Number of Decks: 12
  • Onboard Currency: US Dollars

Review Ratings

Overall 4.88

Cabin 4.63

Dining 4.69

Entertainment 4.44

Service 4.75

Queen Elizabeth

Autumn 2010 will further enhance Cunard’s illustrious reputation for exquisite ocean travel with the arrival of our newest liner, Queen Elizabeth. Recalling the rich heritage of the first Cunarder to bear the name, her elegance both echos that legendary age and enhances her luxurious modern allure. The harmony of classic and contemporary strikes an elegant chord throughout this magnificent ship. Images and features from her predecessors, Queen Elizabeth and QE2, sit comfortably alongside her modern charm. Within Queen Elizabeth’s sleek lines, the lavishness of eras past meets the thrilling future of ocean travel. Welcome, then, to the next elegant chapter in Cunard history.

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